Today is the first day of March which means March Break is just around the corner.  For many families with kids, March Break is an opportunity to travel – especially down south somewhere warm with no snow in the forecast!  International travel requires documentation and planning for everyone, but there are often additional questions and concerns about children travelling without both parents.  The Government of Canada strongly recommends that minor children travelling alone, with only one parent/guardian, or with friends, relatives, or a group carry a travel consent letter certified by an official who has the authority to administer an oath – such as a licensed paralegal.

A certified travel consent letter assures border security personnel that the child has parental permission to leave the country and that any adult accompanying them is doing so with the knowledge and consent of the parents or guardians of the child.

For more information about travel consent letters, including template letters, visit the Government of Canada’s website

Don’t risk problems at the border – if your child will be travelling without both parents, make an appointment to have your travel consent letter commissioned before you pack!

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Disclaimer: Please note that we cannot provide legal advice regarding family law matters.  If you have questions regarding your custody situation, please contact a family lawyer.  Our services relating to travel consent letters are limited to commissioning the travel consent letter as a commissioner for oaths.

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