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As my birthday is in August, I had the adult birthday experience of renewing my licence plate sticker this month.  This year was extra special because I also had to renew my driver’s licence and health card. (Weren’t birthday specials more fun when we were kids?).  Renewing my licence and health card required a new photo, so I had to make the trip to Service Ontario instead of doing the last minute online sticker renewal.  So that’s how I came to spend more than 45 minutes –  yes that’s right, almost an hour – waiting in line with lots of other people waiting for a variety of government services.

Standing in Line
Responsible Adult Birthday

Waiting in Line

Many people were there to transfer vehicles in one way or another.  Many people didn’t have everything the needed and were given instructions about how to properly complete the transaction.  A number of people were advised that commissioner of oaths service was available for $20.

On the day I went to Service Ontario there were two older individuals who found standing in line difficult.  They waited uncomfortably on chairs while someone else held their spot in line, joining their party at the counter.  At least one of these people was attempting to transfer a vehicle to a family member and needed an affidavit for the transfer of a vehicle to a family member to be commissioned.  If they had come to Carr Paralegal first, the older family member would not have needed to wait!

Family Gift of a Used Vehicle in the Province of Ontario

family car transfer

The affidavit, entitled ‘Sworn Statement for a Family Gift of a Used Vehicle in the Province of Ontario’ allows one family member to transfer their vehicle to another family member as a gift without having to pay HST on the vehicle transfer.  The form is available at Service Ontario or online here. The affidavit can be sworn by any commissioner for oaths or commissioner for taking affidavits (such as a paralegal). It does not have to be completed at Service Ontario.

In family transfer of vehicles, it is common for an older parent to transfer a vehicle to an adult child.  In this situation both parent and child have to be present at the same time to sign the affidavit.  Coordinating the schedules of two people to be at Service Ontario for an undetermined length of time is a challenge and can be a particular burden for an older relative, which is why many people make an appointment with Carr Paralegal to have the affidavit commissioned quickly and efficiently at a time convenient for them.

Carr Paralegal has appointments available on evenings and weekends and on-site service is available. Using Carr Paralegal to commission your Sworn Statement for a Family Gift of a Used Vehicle in the Province of Ontario is an easy choice.  Visit the commissioning section of our website for more information.

Before you take your completed affidavit to Service Ontario, be sure to check the full list of rules and requirements here.

Call us today at 905-541-6142 to make an appointment or send us an email at

accessiblePlease let us know when making your appointment if you or your family member requires on-site service for reasons related to disability.  We will be privileged to waive the on-site convenience fee.


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