Small Claims Court

Are you owed money by someone who is refusing to pay?
Did you pay someone to do work for you and the work hasn’t been done?
Do you have damage to your property caused by someone else?
Have you been sued?

There are many reasons that you might need to file a claim in Small Claims Court.  If you’ve reached the point where you think you need to sue someone to get a resolution, we can help. If your claim is for $25,000 or less then you can file a claim in the Small Claims Court.  If you have received a Notice of Claim, you need to understand your options to defend yourself of you may have a judgment awarded against you.

At your initial consultation we will review your case, relevant legislation, legal precedents, and options to resolve your claim.  We will ask for key information and documents before your consultation so that we can be prepared and familiar with your case when we meet so that you receive information, options, and advice tailored to your individual situation.  Going to Court is only one way to resolve your claim – we will evaluate all options including the resources (including time and money) required for each and the likelihood of success.

Included in your initial consultation is assistance with drafting initial documents – this could include a demand letter, a draft of a Court pleading, or reviewing a document you have already started.  Depending on how you choose to proceed, you can use these documents to continue the process on your own, or have us file them for you.  Your initial consultation is a flat rate of $150.

Our Burlington paralegal office is conveniently located near the Burlington Small Claims Court, with easy access to the Hamilton Small Claims Court and the Milton Small Claims Court.  Representation in the surrounding areas is also available.

Additional information about Small Claims Court and how we can help you is available on our FAQ page.

Many clients find that the initial consultation is the only support they need to resolve their Small Claims Court case, however others prefer to retain us for their entire legal process.

Legal disputes do not have a one-size-fits-all solution.

We empower you to choose the best solution for your particular circumstance.

Contact us today to book your initial consultation!