One of the purposes of the initial consultation is to determine your best course of action after carefully considering all the facts of your particular situation.  You are paying for professional legal advice.


Sometimes after completing this analysis and weighing the pros and cons of proceeding with legal action, it might become clear that it is not in your best interests to go further with your action.  For example we may have uncovered clauses in contracts that protect the other party from liability, or perhaps it looks like you may win a moral victory but are unlikely to be able to recover funds from the other party.


Even if you do the work yourself, it takes time and money to file a claim with a Court or Tribunal.  There are costs to file the documents, and if you are unsuccessful in your claim you may be ordered to pay for the other party’s legal costs.   Although it is disappointing to hear that your case is not as strong as you originally thought, avoiding a legal process that will not produce the outcome you are hoping for will ultimately save you time, money, and prolonged frustration.


You will still receive the full benefit of our professional legal advice, and if it is appropriate we will still assist in the drafting of correspondence geared toward negotiating an alternative resolution to the situation.


Contact us today to find out if your situation is one we can help with – it’s always free to ask!