No we do not, except for limited phone consultations for tenants with Landlord & Tenant Board issues.  (see Free Tenant Consultation below for further details)

Free consultations often centre around three basic questions: Can the paralegal provide the services required by the client? What will the services cost? And what is the likely outcome of the client’s case?

If you have a legal concern, we are always happy to discuss whether or not we can help with this type of concern.  In some cases you may require the services of a lawyer (i.e. buying/selling real estate or making a will), or you may be better served by another paralegal firm with more experience in the subject area (i.e. traffic tickets).  This type of discussion is always free.

It is our belief and experience that the needs of many of our clients can be met with one in depth consultation, which we offer at a fixed rate of $150.  Because we are up front about this fee, you don’t need to come in for a free consultation to find out how much legal advice will cost you.

While free consultations may be appropriate and valuable for complex litigation cases, the procedures for Small Claims Court and most administrative tribunals are generally simpler and easier to review and explain.

The likely outcome of your case is a complicated subject that requires a review of your particular situation, any available documentation or evidence, applicable legislation, and even the information produced by the opposing party throughout the legal process (there are, after all, at least two sides to every story).  In addition to whether or not your case has merit, it is important to discuss what legal processes are required to achieve the final result.  Court fees, required documentation and evidence, the time required to complete the legal process, and how these fit into your specific life circumstances are also important factors in determining your best course of action.  It is not realistic to provide this level of analysis in the limited confines of a free consultation.

Free Tenant Consultation

We recognize that tenants faced with legal issues such as eviction may not have the financial capacity to hire a paralegal.  In these situations we will provide a free phone consultation to review your options and direct you to resources to help you proceed with a claim or response before the Landlord & Tenant Board on your own.  If further advice or assistance is required we will discuss costs for legal representation.


When faced with a legal question, knowledge is power – contact us today to find your best resolution!