Small Claims Court is a cost efficient Court with simplified rules that hears claims up to $25,000.  This limit (referred to as jurisdiction) covers the legal claims of many individuals and small businesses.


Common types of cases heard in Small Claims court include:

  • Unpaid debts
  • Unfulfilled contracts
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Damage to property


Claims for more than $25,000 must be filed in the Superior Court of Justice and cannot be handled by a paralegal, however because the costs to pursue a claim in Superior Court with a lawyer are so much higher it is common practice for plaintiffs with claims for slightly above $25,000 to reduce the amount they are claiming and proceed in Small Claims Court to save on fees (legal fees in Superior Court can easily reach $20,000).


If you think you have a case, or if you have been sued and need to file a defence in Small Claims Court, contact us for assistance.